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The Astrological Significance of Eclipses

Leah Whitehorse - September 13, The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is an emotional high tide. It makes me think of being on a surfboard, scudding across a beast of a wave as the crest begins Transits — Uranus conjunct Natal Mercury August 17, Nodes transiting Nodes November 12, Asteroid Angel June 6, Understanding and Recognising Synchronicity August 3, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled. You can read my complete forecast here. July Total Solar Eclipse! A Total Solar Eclipse can catalyze powerful healing opportunities in the first half of July. We also have Mercury and Chiron turning retrograde. Uranus also contributes electrical intensity as it squares Mars.

I announce TWO free session winners! The other, drawn randomly from the 3-question survey entries, has won a minute session! Finally, starting with this podcast, I'm honoring the survey's most frequent request. I'm slowing down my forecast delivery a bit, and am only including the most important events. June Neptune Power! Neptune squares Jupiter, sextiles Saturn and turns retrograde!

Neptune is the undisputed star of this forecast. Learn how to harness all this astrological power for your highest good! It's a perfect storm of breakthrough opportunity for the next several years.

For starters, I have transiting Pluto conduct my midheaven ruler and Uranus conduct my midheaven — at the same time! I break it all down step by step, and link to two PDFs in the index below so you can see what I'm talking about. You can use this technique to scrutinize your own personal transits for any important theme! Here are the survey questions: 1.

June Quantum Leaps!

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

Quantum leaps and unexpected awakenings are catalyzed by a Jupiter-Uranus sesquare. Three new aspect patterns kick off, and Mars aspects three slower planets on the same day! Instead of interpreting a listener chart, we explore an extraordinary "start it now! There won't be a comparable opportunity until late September. You'll also learn about the powerful eclipses coming up in July!

July Aquarius Full Moon: Changing of the Guard | Astrology Hub

May Relationship Growth Opportunities Relationship growth opportunities are catalyzed by numerous astrological events in the second half of May. These include a Scorpio Full Moon and most of our six new aspect patterns. We also have the Sun entering Gemini, as well as Neptune aspects encouraging inspired creativity and spiritual awakening. Our interactive listener consultation features Nicole. We spend almost an hour discussing how she can work with this potent transit in the areas of spirituality, career, life purpose and more!

Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect 4 personal planets! In the first half of May, potent Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect four personal planets! Our interactive listener consultation features Anne. We discuss how she can "get through my tough aspects so I can finally invite and keep a healthy lifelong relationship. Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde in the second half of April, highlighting the themes of wealth, power, release and restructuring. We also have a powerfully aspected Libra Full Moon, a potent new T-square, and many magical quintiles! Our interactive listener consultation features Palmyra, who lives in Greece.

She has a difficult relationship with her stepfather, but they co-own a house she needs to sell. By examining their natal charts, as well as their synastry and moving energies, I advise Palmyra how to best negotiate this challenging situation. April Potent Aries New Moon We also have Jupiter turning retrograde, Juno aspects highlighting committed partnership, and Venus aspecting four slower planets in six days.

We also have four new aspect patterns — all starting on the same day! I explain how she can use all this potent energy to her advantage! March Potent Spring Equinox Chart The second half of March is loaded with juicy astrological events. The Spring Equinox seasonal chart is bursting with opportunity … and aspect patterns!

Mercury turns direct. A Libra Full Moon is strongly influenced by its aspects. Uranus makes its definitive entry into Taurus — where it will stay for over seven years — in the first half of March. We also have Mercury turning retrograde under strong influence from Chiron, a powerfully aspected Pisces New Moon, and much more!

I explain how she can make the best use of the Pisces New Moon lining up on her natal Mars and Jupiter! February Chiron Enters Aries We also have a Virgo Full Moon strongly colored by two aspect patterns. Our interactive listener reading features Jennifer.

This Week in Astrology

We discuss whether her chart better supports a career as an artist or teacher, as well as her ongoing issues with jealousy. Martian intensity bookends the first half of February. This period opens and closes with intense Mars-outer planet aspects: a Mars-Pluto square and a Mars-Uranus conjunction! Our other main theme is Aquarian inspiration. We have lots of aspects firing up genius, creativity and intuitive flashes.

All this, plus an Aquarius New Moon and three peaking aspect patterns, make this half-month rich with opportunities!

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Our listener chart features Kahlei, whose Cancerian Moon and Mars receive hard aspects from the transiting Mars-Pluto square! I advise Kahlei on the best use of this challenging stimulation.

June 2029 lunar eclipse

This episode also marks the return of a long-lost feature: the interactive listener consultation! This one features an hour-long consultation with Cheyenne. A challenging relationship situation is asking her to more fully embody the natal Pluto that conjoins her Sun and opposes her Moon.

It's a deep dive into an intense situation, with lots of astrological teaching in the mix. Please email your question to me at info astroshaman. Special Offer on Eclipse-Based Sessions. January Solar Eclipse in Capricorn A Capricorn Solar Eclipse highlights the first half of January. We also have Uranus turning direct, Jupiter aspecting both Uranus and Neptune, powerful new aspect patterns and much more. Our Listener Consultation features Maria. I advise Maria on the most life-affirming use of this stimulation!

I'm bringing back interactive listener consultations! To have your question considered, it needs to be about a specific issue that's important in your life right now, such as soul purpose, relationship, career, spirituality, or your talents and abilities. December Winter Solstice Chart A Winter Solstice chart bursting with life-affirming opportunities highlights the second half of December.

A Full Moon in Cancer invites personal reinvention.

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December Quantum Leaps in Spiritual Awakening Mercury turns direct in the first half of December, as does Chiron. And two semi-squaring outer planets — Uranus and Neptune — energize quantum leaps in spiritual awakening. Plus I announce our monthly free session winner! Our listener chart features Liz, whose natal Mars-Pluto conjunction is receiving a tight conjunction from the Sagittarius New Moon. We explore how all the transiting planets involved in this new Moon illuminate this powerhouse natal conjunction, as well as Liz's natal Saturn which opposes it!