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Today Oct 09, Till: morning Professional matters look bright today and good amount of progress is foreseen at work. Things seem to move in the right direction.

If married, you and your partner will spend a very happy time together. You might go out for a social outing in the second half of the day.

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Thereafter till tomorrow: Minor hurdles will come your way today. Try to not let them distract you and lower your output at work.

Confront problems with a brave heart and a positive outlook. It is better to postpone important meetings and assignments for another day. Ms Silverman said this is a perfect t-square to balance the tension caused by the Moon and the Sun.

In fact, in esoteric law, the more tension in your chart, the more motivation to get comfortable Debra Silverman, Astrology Answers. What is a Harvest Moon?

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You could have a white-light vision that helps you bust through a creative plateau or hit on your next big idea. Romantically, this could be one of the hottest windows for love—and fertility—of !

Reining in those romantic feelings? No need, Cancer!

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Expand your horizons, Cancer, as the moon and imaginative Neptune meet in your ninth house of inspired visions and adventure. You could conjure up a vacation just by picturing yourself in a faraway place! Browse some travel blogs and start a Pinterest board of swoon-worthy hotels and beaches.

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You're in a learning mood today, so indulge your curiosity. At the very least, take a "staycation" and do something out of the ordinary. Break free, Cancer!