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Free Online Birth Chart. Best Kerala Astrologer. Astrology is one of the Seminal methods adopted Globally.

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Vedic Astrology is over years old and is believed by millions across the Globe. Global Astrology is a vast subject our Vedic Astrological Spiritual Team provides you with best service that you will experience from no other. Web chat or email: Email: Info astrologerglobal. Astrologer Global Executive Membership. Remember me.

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Now new astrology news portel. Astrology or Jyotish is a science of knowing future and moulding it a proper way to reduce troubles in our life and have a peaceful and happy life and better future. This science is based on position of planets at our birth. Our ancenstor discoverd that planets and and stars influencing our life. Their movement in the skying indicating various events in our life as well as in the earth. With the help of Astrology we can predict many things like earthquakes, other natural calamities as well as human life. Our birth chart is a snap shot of planetary postitions at the time ou our birth.

Based on their positions like, which planet placed in which sign, which star and what is birth ascendant, planetary aspects, dasha antardasha etc..

It also tells what are the good and bad things in our life, like which is good direction, which colors give positive vibrations on us, which gem or which metal will give favorable result etc. It is also tells about marriage, career, health, money, children, and deals with day to day problems in our life.


Vedic Astrology is also helps in reducing problems by doing Vedic remedies like, pujas, yagyas and other planetary remedies. This is a unique system which is invented by our sages. With the help of Vedic remedies and Astrology fo many people getting benefited. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Read more.. I Agree No!

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