Pisces weekly horoscope 3 march 2020

Happiness is being "connected" to your destiny - everyone on your wavelength. Happiness is being set-free from anyone who is bad for you - Happiness is Freedom. Truth in the past hasn't helped you in a deceptive world full of lies and bullshit.

The problem will be watching "other" people's lives fall-apart - and - if you're emotionally connected to them or know them - the puzzle will be what you do to help them. Rotten people are like poison - [or manure] - don't touch - don't get involved with them. Liars have been bad for you - liars are bad for you - so don't make any mistakes - like you have done in the past!

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I should add that if you know a rotten and selfish people - their selfishness is always because of materialistic values. Then you're about to see their lives fall-apart - because life is going to be ensuring the TRUTH wins. Anything that isn't TRUE will collapse and end.

Hence, if you're entangled in any "negative" situations then you need to learn to live your life - instead of living "other" people's lives. New Audio's explaining the next 3 months - will be online on 6th December This Year for Pisces.

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New Audio created on 28th August Now is the time for - focus - success - and - achievement. Jupiter's destination is Capricorn on 2nd December - Arriving at your long-term stability. To ensure your SunSign Pisces arrives at your date with destiny - there's going to be a MAJOR change between 1st September and 1st December - created by - eliminating something that's draining you - fixing something that's wrong with your life - and - using the Virgo charm of love and cohesion to ensure you're thinking of all the good people in your life.

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You see - the more you're thinking of GOOD people in your life - the more your mind is avoiding "negative" people - the more you're focused on what's GOOD for you. During September - you're going to find yourself - detaching from "negative" situations and "negative" people - especially people who do nothing for you. Fill your mind and thoughts - full of inner happiness about - all the goodness in your life - and - it will ensure you attract GOOD people into your life.

Full Moon's define the Truth - what you need to feel - to let-go of lies and deceit.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Full Moon's that define honest emotions - to become bonded and connected forever to Truth. Sun in Libra - creates - Aries Full Moon - 13th October - please avoid arguments and bad people.

Sun in Sagittarius - creates - Gemini Full Moon - 12th December - please avoid arguments and bad people. Your emotions will empower your determination that whatever happens from now onwards is RIGHT for you. Mars says - Look forward to the future - forget the badness of the past - throw-away the garbage of the past. Trust in GOOD people you know - remember life is all about trustworthy people - good-quality relationships. The problem has been no planets in Your StarSign of Pisces - which is changing thanks to. Harmony and good coincidences are created with planets in Scorpio forming trine to your SunSign Pisces.

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Saturn says - when your life is true to you - it's honest and stable. Whenever someone is true to you - they're honest and "natural".

Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 2nd December 2019

When you can be honest with someone - when someone can be honest with you. Then that defines someone on your wavelength. Take your time, be selective—but mostly, Pisces, remember to have fun! Even if you have heaps of them on your to-do list, easy does it! This Sunday, your ruling planet Neptune in your sign forms a challenging angle with the Sun in your career-focused house. Take a moment to hit pause and evaluate the worthiness of these last agenda items. This last Neptune square of the year may force you to refine your plans and pursue only things that will bring profound satisfaction.

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